During middle school,

boys begin to develop the ability to understand abstract concepts. However, each boy’s relationship with his teacher is equally as important as his interest in the subject matter.
During his three years in middle school, a boy grows from being a concrete thinker to developing the ability to understand abstract concepts. Boys in this developmental period are energetic, sensitive, and keen to banter and joke. They crave strong, authentic relationships with trusted adults. In fact, their connection to their teacher is equally as important as their interest in the subject matter being taught. If a boy genuinely feels inspired by his teacher, he will work to gain his or her admiration, which often leads to solid results in the subject being taught

Effective classroom instruction includes:

  • A variety of options that pique individual interests
  • Numerous opportunities for movement, teamwork, and open inquiry, which help boys learn and retain information
  • A safe environment where emotional needs are supported
  • A use of positive humor and friendly banter
  • Fair and equal treatment
  • A chance for each student to be heard

Middle School Teacher

Boys in my classroom are always thinking, sharing, solving, playing. We mix fun with hard work. We work diligently to know the difference between the two and when to mix them.