Younger boys

enter the classroom excited about school. When they experience learning as engaging and enjoyable, they’ll seek more of it.
Younger boys enter their school years with a natural wonder, curiosity, and excitement about the world, and this applies to the world inside their classroom. They love to learn, they love their teacher, and they love their friends. To harness their innate enthusiasm, teachers should emphasize exploratory and fun educational tasks. When a boy views learning as enjoyable, he will invariably seek more of it.

The JK–2 classroom is where that vital student-teacher relationship begins, therefore teachers must actively work to build a relationship with each student by being nurturing, patient, and understanding, while promoting a safe classroom environment. Younger boys respond best to St. Christopher’s School consistency and routine; they need to know what’s coming next and to feel included. School should be a place where boys feel connected to their teacher and to each other. This will connect them to their education.

Effective classroom instruction includes:

  • Intellectual challenges that draw boys further into the lesson and engage their interests
  • Hands-on learning activities with multiple opportunities for movement and play
  • Time for breaks and rest so each boy can explore his own thoughts

Lower School Teacher

My boys come to school each day filled with joy and energy, and my job is to work with that energy to help them grow as learners.