Through our commitment to research,

we seek to be a global leader in promoting best practices in educating and raising boys. 

Additional Research

  • Relational Teaching with Lower School Boys: What Works for Teachers, Boys, and Parents
    We have identified what works for boys in grades 6-12, but how are these findings similar or different for younger boys?

    From 2014-2016, St. Christopher’s participated in a research cohort of four primary schools in the United States, Canada, and Australia to tackle this question.  Through parent surveys and focus groups, teacher surveys and interviews, and focus groups with boys in grades K-5, we were able to identify factors that contribute to positive student-teacher relationships as well as barriers to success.

    In our data, it was clear from all three perspectives — students, teachers, and parents — that no factor is more important for the establishment and maintenance of a successful connection than the boy’s perception of the teacher’s attitude toward him.

    When boys believe that their teachers care about them, see them as competent, respect their views, and desire their success, they tend to work toward fulfilling high expectations.