Journeys to Manhood with Chad Chafee

Chafee shared a powerful message about showing up for one another.
"Maybe they just need to talk to you. Maybe they need to unload everything they have. Let them talk," said Upper School History Teacher Chad Chafee. On February 27, 2023, as part of the Center for the Study of Boys Journeys to Manhood speaker series, Chafee shared a powerful story of a family member who struggled with addiction and the importance of our boys being there for each other, if even just to listen during hard times. "I want the boys to know that you can always ask for help," said Chafee. "And whatever we can do to get the person through that problem, we should be willing to help to the best of our abilities."

Watch Chafee's talk here.

The Journeys to Manhood Program invites speakers to share their stories of their journeys from boy to man, the challenges they faced, and the moral courage they have developed along the way.